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Below are the eight videos that Luke did.  Even though the videos are "the same, but from different angles," I can use them all, by sprinkling them throughout the website, unless ya'll tell me different.

Ideas / Suggestions Here:

On each of the videos, I plugged in "Interstate NationLease" in an animated format.  I can change the text to something else, or take it off.  I can come up with some taglines to use - suggestions welcomed.  

Also, I can add in audio, with sounds of semi cranking up, idling, going down the road, etc.  Think about it.

BTW -- using video on social media, such as Facebook, is very beneficial.

As it stands right now, only Karen R. Hovis, and I can see this Video page and the Photo Gallery.

Video One

Video Two

Video Three

Video Four

Video Five

Video Six

Video Seven

Video Eight

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